Sun Rising

     A working definition of stillness is as follows. Stillness is accomplished through the act of meditation, which is stilling of the physical/conscious mind to all external stimuli. Continuous, contemplative thought given to truth. A steady effort of the mind to know and hear the voice of God from within the being. The act of “not doing” in an attempt to expand the awareness of “being”. When we quiet the conscious mind to hear the Divine presence.  

     You are not “doing nothing”. You are plugging in. You are activating the power. You are remembering from whence you came. You are moving yourself out of the way and allowing the divine force of life to move into your being . . . “Be still and know!” Stillness is the key. Still the mind. Still the body. 

      Be still and know there is nothing more important than the time you spend in the presence of the universal power . . . The results of this stillness, silence, and act of trust will be growth. You will grow in mental ability and spiritual understanding. You will grow in awareness and ability. You will grow in consciousness. You will grow in your divinity. 

ReferenceIyanla Vanzant, One Day My Soul Just Opened Up, 44-47.


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