In relation to the prayer of the heart, we can by faith:      

     Affirm that the risen Jesus is among us as the glorified Christ, living in each of us, and present everywhere at all times.

     Believe in the action of God in our hearts, as well as everywhere and in everything. 

     Consent to the work of the divine Presence within, knowing that the unloading of the false self will, by God’s grace, lead to new awareness and greater love. We do not have to fear this process when we trust in God’s unconditional love.  

     Detach and rest in silence and solitude, remaining open by faith to the ultimate mystery, the ground of our being and the source of all life.    

     In reaching out to others, we can: 

     Be present and listen to those God has called us to be with. May our heart embrace their strengths and woundedness with love and grace. 

     See each person as important to us, realizing the presence of the true Self in them. May we see no one as insignificant or unworthy. 

     Console and encourage those who are suffering in their woundedness and in the unloading of their false self. May we speak kind and reassuring words to them. 

     Trust and rest in God without anxiousness regarding others. By faith, may we believe that God’s grace is operating at all times.  

Reference: Based on David Forbes Morgan, “Centering Prayer and Community” in Centering Prayer in Daily Life and Ministry, 104-105.


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