This website deals with prayer of the heart or meditation. It is covered from a mainly Christian perspective and yet, since meditation is a universal spiritual practice, the website may be of interest to all.

In sum, the website is about a journey into the realm of the heart  the abode of the Divine within. Three aspects of this journey are silence, stillness, and simplicity.

When pondered, may the reflections on this website lead you to the silence and stillness of your own heart and in so doing, encounter the Life, Light, and Love within.  

The following topics are presented:

Prayer of the Heart

Need for Simplicity, Silence, and Stillness

Simplifying Life

Achieving Silence and Stillness Through Meditation

Awareness of the Divine Within

Encountering the Divine

Hearing and Responding to the Divine

The photographic images, often from natural settings, are intended to augment reflection on the principles found in the texts.  

Many of the 49 selections on the website lend themselves to contemplation, with their meaning unfolding over time. One idea is to read a text each day, and then let the thoughts nurture the mind during the day. 

A bibliography of the spiritual writers drawn on, and other acknowledgements, are found on separate web pages – as is some background about ourselves. 

May the thoughts, then, shared on this website bring us all into the sacred and silent sanctuary of our hearts where the Divine Spirit of life, light, and love is ready to lead us into greater joy and fullness of life.

Alexander and Eva Peck

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Some may find of interest our new small book entitled Journey to the Divine Within. The book is essentially a print version of the website. In fact, the website is based on the book.

The book has 80 pages, is illustrated with black-and-white photographs, and costs about $6 plus postage.

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Journey to the Divine Within


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